Thursday, May 17, 2007

Website of the Day

AfterVote is an awesomely stylish website with plenty of interactive buttons and any web surfer, worth their salt, loves buttons. I ran across AfterVote while reading an article about it through SEO Chat. And after a couple of random searches I was actually astonished at how simple AfterVote was to use. If you are a writer or a researcher this site is for you, if you like multiple results from the big three (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) this site is for you and if you like being able to block bad results directly from the search page you got it, this site is for you. I entered the name of my blog into AfterVote and this is what I found.

If you noticed this page looks like something out of a spaceship’s control panel with its bright white page and multicolored buttons. But trust me; it is really easy to navigate. If you look to the far left side, of the very first search result, you will find a small box with three icons. To the right of the icons are numbers that indicate at what search request you could find in on each respective major search engine. The Apocalypse Papers is number 6 on Google and number 1 on Yahoo and not even listed on MSN (I just submitted the site). To the right of the small icon box what you would find in a normal search result. However at the bottom of your search results you have the following icon from left to right:

1. Cached Pages on Google, Yahoo, MSN
2. Alex’s Page rank (mine happens to be 15 hey it’s better than 0)
3. Google’s Page Rank
4. Stumble’s Identification of the Website
5. Digg This (the funky looking white blocks)
6. Add to your Account(if you have an account)
7. Email (They need to tweak this button because it opens in I.E)
8. Google’s “Translate your results” or it takes you to the site with a Google frame.
9. Bugmenot is the button that allows you to see registration names and passwords to keep from registering on certain sites (use with caution).
10. The Archives or Wayback button that will contain archived pages from your requested site.
11. The Green Button can prioritize, positive or bookmark the site.
12. The Red Button can negative vote, block the domain or even block the link from future results. (Neat huh?)

It is not often I run across a site that has such usable features. It is still a new site, so new there aren’t even ads on its search pages! However they need to work on its email feature it should be as simple as the Stumble email feature but hey I will give them time. Congratulations to


as The Apocalypse Papers Website of the Day!


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