Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prince Harry Safe From War

Deep in the bowels of Windsor Castle a decision was made that combat duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom was too dangerous for precious Prince Harry. This may come as a shock to the Royal Family but Iraq is a dangerous place for any soldier period. When U.S troops are deployed or reactivated for the ump-teenth time those service men and women, go dutifully, some grumble, some are scared shitless, and some pray for a safe return so they won’t miss the ’08 Presidential election. But the point is they go. Sadly some of our beloved troops won’t return, some will be mangled, and others will have Post Traumatic Stress Disorders for life. But they’re earnest in their efforts to succeed regardless of the debate on faulty intelligence and other meaningless grandstanding by politicians.

Even though he is royalty Prince Harry is no different from any of our young men. For every one soldier killed in the Anbar Province or in the Sunni Triangle, the United States may have lost a potential Senator, Representative or President. I realize Harry is third in line, to the crown, but believe me there is a line of succession that just about includes everyone in Britain and a couple of people in Detroit. So he can be replaced. Harsh you think? That is a sad reality of war. What about Harry becoming an enemy trophy you ask? So what I reply, Al Qaeda has three American soldiers right now. Needless soldiers will die protecting the Prince if he serves in combat you say? I am pretty sure that our troops that died in the recent ambush were protecting each other. Think about it Harry’s entire tour may be needed to prevent other needless wars on behalf of the crown. He will have experienced the horrors of war and thusly will react with prudence and patience when considering military solutions to obvious diplomatic problems in the future. So go ahead Prince Harry go see some combat I promise we wont tell.



Anonymous said...

you should do something about how the faces in va hospitals are getting younger and younger....

AlexD said...

Yes our Veterans are looking less like WWII soldiers and more like the Nintendo generation. But there is nothing I can do.