Tuesday, September 23, 2008

That's Not an EMERGENCY!!!

Swollen hemorrhoids are not an emergency. Oh, yes it feel like someone has shoved a glowing Kingsford briquette into your rectum and is making things worse by cooling increasing the heat with green rubbing alcohol, but you wont die from it. I guarantee it. But somehow people believe ambulance crews have to risk life and limb for minor ailments, just like that hemorrhoid, because that’s what ambulances do. I disagree. I think we could save a lot of time and money if we set some ground rules for emergencies and non-emergencies. Oh, people will be pissed off, but hey it is better to be pissed off than pissed on I say.


You are going to learn the difference between an emergency and a nonemergency.

Emergency: Loss of finger, toe, eye, leg, arm or any appendage you use daily.

Non-Emergency: Loss of pain medication, car keys, TV remote, or any other stupid item that I might hit a large deer trying to get to your house in a rush over.

Emergency: Gunshot wound to torso, head, neck, back or stomach. Notice I said torso.

Non-Emergency: Splinter to finger, butt cheek, leg, and face. Seriously!

Emergency: Respiratory Distress of any kind

Non-Emergency: Hiccups that wont stop. HELL NO under any circumstances is this an emergency. Neither is hyperventilation because your favorite dancer got voted off.

Emergency: Comas of any kind.

Non-Emergency: Slurred speech, staggered gait, equipped with boobie flashes and the nonsensical ramblings of a mother whose done shots of J├Ągermeister at her daughters wedding.

Emergency: Chilbirths were the legs are coming out first.

Non-Emergency: Condoms, vibrating eggs, or sex toys of any kind stuck inside of the patient. Nope can’t won’t stick my hand up there, aint having it.

And for those who think they have a right to call the ambulance on a whim. You have the right to go directly to the waiting room on a stretcher so you can wait with the other patients except you now have the added interest of an ambulance bill. Yay, for you!

Last but not least.

Emergency: Transport of patients from one hospital to the next because life sustaining surgery waits.

Non-Emergency: Sending a patient out for a simple test, especially in the middle of the mother of all thunderstorms, which could have waited until three days later. WTF, Seriously!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Word Game

Here is a word game. I hope you enjoy.

Free World Group


Friday, September 12, 2008

Super Collider Web Cam

Here is a link I am sure you will enjoy.



Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mind of a Realist

Sometimes I believe that people stew in their own stupidity on purpose. I believe that some people jam their heads in the soft sand because thinking hurts too much. Case in point, this Presidential Election has turned from McCain versus Obama to Palin versus Obama, because McCain doesn’t stand a rats chance in hell against Obama. And until Palin brings 200,000 Germans out to see her I will not be impressed.

The country holds its breath as Hurricane Ike decides what Gulf Coast community to destroy thus scattering refugees through the Southeast and rocketing gas prices above 120.00 per barrel.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were not immune to the Bush economy but their CEO’s are as they bask in millions of dollars of severance pay.

I wonder,

If we could do September 11th all over again would we invade Iraq or would we be stomping the mountains of Afghanistan flat?

I wonder,

If gas is hovering around 100.00 per barrel why is gas still 3.51 at the gas pumps?

I know why because the Department of Interior in Denver was practically an Animal House as Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll kept government employees busy as the oil companies had free reign.

The God Particle is being sought by researchers 300 feet below the ground as the Particle Accelerator is switched on. But if you asked a 6 year old to find the same particle they would have just reached down and handed you a fist full of dirt.

Hooray for 6 year olds!

If Christ came back today do you think he would be pleased with any of his followers? Or do you think the Smite would be on?

Water Bears are the toughest species on the planet and the vessel by which we will keep our DNA alive after we kill our selves off with war and Global Warming.

Rick and Bubba tout the belief that Global Warming is real. But I guess when you are radio personalities you automatically become Geo-thermal experts. Whats next Rick and Bubba, earthquakes aren’t real, tsunamis aren’t real and wishing for death because your legs and arms are blown off from an IED isn’t real also.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bee Dance Video

There comes a time when words cannot express the feeling of hopelessness and despair at the disappearance of millions Billions of Honey-Bees. I will let this videos do the expressing for me.