Monday, May 07, 2007

How to Find a Job Overseas

There are some people who prefer the simple comforts of their small city or state. This blog entry is not for them. Today’s entry will teach you (the courageous one) how to find a job overseas. If you ever felt that there was more to life than driving on the right side of the road or even using the same old greenback currency you are not alone. Ok, first things first. You want employment overseas but you don’t know were to start? Let’s look the dangerous places you should bypass first. The State Department puts out a travel warning list, probably based on faulty intelligence…but erring on the side of safety make sure you read their list carefully. Well actually erring on the safest side, use Robert Young Pelton’s site "Come Back Alive" for in my opinion he has the most accurate information.

Surfing through the internet for this Monday’s entry, I realized there are thousands upon thousands of web pages on living and working abroad. I focused on frequently updated sites and forums that would yield the most accurate information. One of the most comprehensive sites on today's entry was from a gentleman named of John Adams. He chronicled all the pitfalls problems you could face from working abroad and in chapter 13 he even gives you a host of resources. Be sure to spend a little time looking around on his site.

Now there are a few things you should know about finding employment overseas. Before you can leave you should really have a U.S. Passport (No really). You should spend some time on the expatriate forums asking questions and interacting with people actually living abroad. Avoid all sites that asks for payment in exchange for information about overseas employment. There are rip offs everywhere for those who are impatient (do not be impatient). And remember if it looks to good to be true…it probably is. Also in some countries Americans are ahead of the education curve and will receive more for their skills. And in other countries you are behind the curve being almost reduced to servitude. The best thing is to look around and not be fooled.


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