Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday's Rant

I am a realist. A stone cold, matter-of-fact, realist that knows if the US runs out of oil the obesity problem in our country will be solved. A realist so plaintively aware, that I know that there is not a chance in hell the US would fight Iran, prevent Russia from stomping through its own territory or find a cure for anything. So why are we subjected to constant lies by the media.


They think we are mentally-retarded lambs. Ah-HA! I get it.

They think we are too stupid to think for ourselves, yeah whatever.

Also, there has been this awww moment where an illegal alien in a coma and the hospital wants to send him home…because he can’t pay his bills. So what are they going to do with the rest of the patients receiving indigent care? Exactly what they are doing to this guy and believe it or not, hospitals have been doing just that for loooong time.

That leads me to say that cash is the best health insurance.

Yep, now you know the secret of health care, stone, hard, C…A…S…H.

Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf resigns before he is impeached. And I am wondering if we will ever find Osama. Because Musharraf most likely knew where he was and OH, he held the keys to the Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Now, Pakistan slowly descends into madness.

The world holds its breath.

As President Obama picks his Vice-President not that the VP really matters but there is really nothing else on TV.

Besides the Olympics but who wants to watch old news when the medal results are on the net.

That leads me to this.

Why is there this incessant belly-aching because China has a 13 year old girl competing in gymnastics? Really, we are talking about China here. The Communist country that still has forced labor re-education camps, internet censorship, executions of political prisoners and makes toys covered in lead paint? Or are we talking about the China that has the best General Tso’s chicken imaginable and has created one awesome aquatic center. Either way it goes make a deal with the devil and get the smell of sulfur in your clothes. That’s what I say.


There has been an up-tick in insurgent violence in Afghanistan.

Roadside bombs are killing more and more American soldiers everyday and the Taliban has become more aggressive. What are we to do? I hate the words, “We are winning,” because it looks like a rotten stalemate from over here.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

College Humor's:POWER THIRST 2

As the Senior Writer of The Apocalypse Papers I happen to love a good laugh. This video I have embedded is called Power Thirst 2 and it has MENERGY! Watch the video and tell me if you get a good laugh by submitting your comment below.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Five Websites of the Day

Counter Spin: I heard about this website on NPR. Counter Spin is the truth as it should be all packed into a website. If you are brainwashed by your party affiliation you will receive debriefing here.

U.S. Gas Prices: This is an interactive site. Nuff Said.

HD Wallpapers: Beautiful wallpapers for your LCD screens. There is a myriad of folders with great pictures that will make your laptop the talk of the town.

Friv: A cornucopia of flash games to waste time on. I love this site. Some of these games are mouse only and some are keyboard only. Just click and click until you find one you like.

Scam: If you ever wanted to find out if that home based business was a scam. Click this site. There are forums that coverer everything from MLM to Nigerian Email Scams.


Monday, August 18, 2008

A Lot Has Changed

As a kid growing up in the Black Belt, I watched as grown-up touted the vile, Godless nature of Communism and its controlling nature on its populace. Well, not in those words but you get the picture. I sat watching Michael Phelps swim like Flipper taking gold after gold in a Communist country that still executes its people with a bullet behind the left ear and makes the family pay for it. And I thought to myself, boy a lot has changed.

It is not that change is bad. But I believe that change is a relative event. Meaning it only applies to the current mood of the people. I think 10 years ago Ellen could not wed her girlfriend and Obama would not have had a chance in hell of becoming the Democratic nominee. Now you have city governments that are legislating fashion and a high school for gay and transgendered students. Late at night if you listen real close you can hear the dead doing summersaults in their graves. My eyes have seen a lot. And I intend to see a lot more. But where is the line drawn in the sand?

I am not espousing that I have a moral high ground, nay. I am saying where do you draw the line in the sand? Personally my line is drawn when people are allowed to marry animals. Yep, that is my line. As Americans we have broken so many social taboos I had to find one last social taboo bastion that is untouched by human hands. And the day someone is allowed to marry Fluffy or Fido, I will be the first on a picket line.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Do You Remember...

...the Pinto?

How would you like to have this rolling crematorium today? I know I would. But only after I did some rear gas tank modifications and removing out the eight track player. At 25 miles per gallon it is almost worth it. However I said, "almost." Buy one here.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lame, Lame, Lame-OH

I never thought for a million-billion-trillion years I would have turned as “uncool” as my parents. I figure myself to be a progressive 30-something, who has all his teeth, no bald spots and tries to keep the weight from spiraling out of control. I think I have done pretty well myself. But there is something that really…um…how do I say this…pisses me off. Yeah, that’s the word, “pisses.” And that is some snotty nosed 15-19 year old that says lame to every associated to my age group. So I decided to turn the lame flashlight around.

There are a bunch of things that teenagers like or do, but personally, I consider really, really LAME

Piercings through the eyebrow, lips, nose, ass-meat and belly-button especially if you are a boy. Lame

Pencil-leg jeans, La, la, la lame.

Lower Back tattoos…Lame oh, God yes, after three kids and 400 Big Mac’s will it be ever so, so, so lame.

North Face Denali whatevers and you are unemployed….La ah HA Lame

Miley Cyrus…and Hanna Montana yep you guessed it…double L…A…M…E and am I the only one that thinks this kid looks creepy?

Any statement that begins, “You are too old to understand” Lame but I am old enough to do something about it. HA! Lame Again.

Teen Choice Awards….Boo, Hiccup, Lame

120 dollar disposable shoes…friggin lame and hell no I won’t be buying a pair.

High School Musical…I can’t hold my nose and type so I will just go peeeeewwwww. Lame. Grease was waaaaaay better.

EMO anything, what in the school shooting hell is that all about? They wear black because they are what…vampires, golems, spooky little snots that need an ass kicking. Lame.

Shaggy DA Bangs in the front of your head….Ruff, Ruff Lame

Sagging pants beneath your butt cheeks…now illegal but very lame first.

Ras Tafari? Haile Selassie? Don’t have a clue, well cut those dreads out of your head because they are LAME!

Walking through the mall with a 300 dollar cell phone but only 20 dollars in cash your MOM gave you…LAME.

Smoking weed, Lame as hell and how do you think a majority of you retards got here. Lame.

Flunking math, flunking English but then wanting a 200 dollar X .0.9 tax plus the gas to get to the store to buy a M…A…R…C….E…C…K…O jacket to wear around the house. Lame

Not seeing the military as an option because you are a self proclaimed peace, loving, tree hugging, go green person as you blow shit up on Halo 2 while throwing paper basketballs at your friend with the AC on full blast. Lame.

Christian Rock…Yeah, she kissed a girl and she liked it. She got some ‘splaining to do. LAME

Tiny dogs named: flutters, stutters, piffy, spankie, pootie and such. Pssst…Lame.

That freaky computer speak that MaKEs eVERYthing UpANdDowN. WatEVR HA8res. LaME.

Scoring low on the ACT and SAT and then getting upset because you can’t get a scholarship to fix tractors or even a friendly handshake. Lame.

Well I think that’s enough for now. But if you have some more lames you want to put on my blog just leave me a comment.