Friday, May 04, 2007

Immigration Reform

Passing a practical and pertinent Immigration Reform Law will be like a two-year old girl trying to fly a jumbo jet. The flight itself can be accomplished …but that landing is going to be a doozey. I have noticed that the ultra-patriots and neo-conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Sean Hannity all agree that something has to be done about Illegals saturating their country (I don’t live in their country I live in America). This Motley crew spews purulent rhetoric across the AM airwaves, as if no one was listening, and not really addressing the true problem of wage side economics.

Mexican immigrants are looking for a better life in our prosperous nation. So much so they are braving the Mexican desert, INS and members of the Minuteman Project in droves. However that better life should include going through the right channels, payment of their fair share of taxes and monetary participation into our social programs. Because I personally feel the pinch each time I receive a paycheck. A majority of Hispanic workers are working off the record (tax free) for mere pennies on the dollar. And paying low wages to a person who can be deported if they complain is like dream come true for the farmers who use them. It is a dream come true for the homebuilders and it is a dream come true for unscrupulous factory owners. Now there are advocacy websites such as this one that try to dispel the myths of the immigrant’s impact on the American economy. But it is hard to dispel something if these facts are present. Low wage industries are really the true problem and there are less of these owners than there are Hispanic Immigrants.

Attacking non compliant businesses without compassion or mercy would quickly turn the tide of Illegals. The problem lies with industry needs of cheap labor. If our government punished business owners that violated the reform by making them pay back wages and taxes for each individual that was undocumented. There would be no influx. If hospitals billed business owners directly for treatment of undocumented workers and their family members, business owners wouldn’t have to think twice. If apartment complexes were required to pay an elevated tax on each unit that was rented to undocumented tenets, there would be an exodus of sorts all around the country. Then our country could start over issuing visas and temporary work permits. I didn’t say punish the people who are looking for a better life, I say punish the people who already have a better life and are greedy. I know there are some of you that say, “It is not that simple” and I say, “It truly is” because it is harder to fight a colony of bees than it is the beekeeper.



Anonymous said...

Immigrants are welcome here but illegal immigrants are not. If they are so intent on improving their lives and bercoming Americans, let them follow the laws of our country. Unless their intent is not to become an American but instead to USE America. Enough is Enough. Both the Federal and California governments have failed us.

AlexD said...

I agree totally.