Thursday, April 26, 2007

Operation Iraqi Freedom

I have not been asleep for the past 4 years. I have watching from the sidelines and silent complainer of events during Operation Iraqi Freedom. However there are Republican politicians who chose to treat the American public preschool children. I think not! When we (guilt by association) first pointed our war finger towards Iraq, when our target was clearly a man named Osama bin Laden (who admitted to his direct involvement in September 11th) I knew someone was not manning the helm correctly. When Saddam said he had no weapons of mass destruction and allowed UN inspectors to try and find them (back when his streets did not have IED’s) I knew that somebody dropped the glass ball. And when the four contractors were killed, mutilated, burned and strung from the Euphrates River Bridge, I knew those deaths were the start of something ominous.

The entire political shift from a Republican to Democratic controlled House and Senate was due entirely to a loss of faith in the Republicans Party mainly because of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In my opinion there is no other significant achievement that could have stopped their loss. It is this lack of Republican control that will bring our sons, daughters, wives, and husbands back home. I often catch glimpses of Republicans grandstanding and proselytizing on their shaky positions as to why we should stay in Iraq and I wonder how much marijuana do you have to smoke to ignore the obvious. Vice President Dick Cheney was even personally angered at the, “defeatist attitude” of the Democrats.

In the Republican’s myopic point of view, any act of opposition (verbal or written) to the continued death and dismemberment of our young and middle aged troops makes you a terrorist. My question is, “What makes me an American?”

Is it un-American to want to stop the IED’s from generating military funerals? Is it un-American to want our troops back home mentally sound? Is it un-American to disagree with changing war plans, troop increases and deployment extensions? Or Is it un-American to set a date for withdrawal from a useless operation? Staying the course is making matters worse. And in my opinion Iran is waiting to cross the border en masse to assist their neighbors in getting back on track…once we leave. Let them. We can chalk Operation Iraqi Freedom up to, “Things we should have not done” right next to New Coke, Yugo cars and Vietnam. Hey lets face it every country needs a McDonald’s. And I understand the relevance of creating a peaceful environment so that Democracy can flourish. Unfortunately to create this peace will take about a million troops, a really scary man with a black heart and stone face, and about ten years of unabashed violence on our part. And that is just not our style of governing. It is time to let it go.

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