Wednesday, April 04, 2007

13 Days of Captivity Ends Nicely

Diplomacy and “old timey” politics work. President Ahmadinejad in an act of “kindness” released the 15 captives, unharmed, un-beheaded, un-molested back into the arms of the British people. He asked on behalf of his captives that they NOT be punished for their statements made during their captivity. He also was critical of the fact that a mother (Turney) was sent to the Gulf in service of the Queen. He asked in Farsi, “…Why don’t they respect family values in the west?” He is also stated as returning the captives as a gift in celebration of Muhammad’s birthday (March 30) and the passing and resurrection of Christ (Easter April 8th). Read entire Yahoo article HERE

Now with all respect to the President of Iran I can truly say someone has to be the bigger man. Ahmadinejad had the right to put his captives on trial; he had the right to execute them one by one to the uproar of the entire world. But he did not exercise his right. He used his Presidential powers and with the flair of a master politician swayed the entire British nation to his side. He did not have to impress America all he had to do was impress America’s allies and create a doubt (however small) about our mission in the Middle East and who the Iranians are as a people.

The funny side to this entire crisis that there are Iranian bloggers who say this move is typical of Iranian politics. As well as American bloggers who wanted to open a nice frosty can of whoop ass on the Iranian people for actions against British people. I made it clear in my previous blog entry there is no room for a conventional war across the Iranian border. Our military is stretched so thin that diplomacy is the only option for any other crisis that may occur. Even British Prime Minister Tony Blair says he has no ill will towards Iran. President Ahmadinejad’s move to release his captives was a transparent one however I say “old timey” back slapping, glad handing and back room politics is a hellava lot better than servicemen with missing legs and grave markers.


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