Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Larry Birkhead

I am pleased that the mystery of Dannielynn’s actual father has been solved with the help of high tech DNA testing just like a Scooby mystery. There was a CNN breaking news alert when the results were announced. A big red bar was splashed across the CNN website as if Osama himself walked into a Hardees restaurant. Personally I am glad to see this mess over with. There are other pressing world issues at hand I’m sorry. I caught a glimpse of Mr. Larry Birkhead with his arms extended obviously happy that he was the father. I quickly turned the channel opting for a paid advertisement for the Ab Lounger.

Frankly one of the first things Mr. Larry Birkhead should do after all of these proceedings is to get tested for HIV and any other STD that might be out there. Because at last count there were four potential fathers that means four unprotected partners and so forth and so on. But I am sure that is of no concern of his because if you look at the picture you notice his arms are up in exaltation not as if he has custody of a motherless child nay, but the fact Mr. Birkhead hit the proverbial jackpot.



Sheila said...

The whole long drawn out Anna Nicole Smith mess is nearing a conclusion. I think. I'm sick of it, Don Imus and the story of the moment mentality that focuses on the trivial and ignores the important news or events in the world. If we as viewers keep buying the products advertised on these network shows, we are never going to free ourselves of this garbage.

AlexD said...

You are absolutely right Sheila. There is a flavor of the moment mentality that does not address the current state of civil affairs. As if the local television stations are trying to pacify us. Strange.