Monday, April 23, 2007

How To Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be as simple as brushing your own teeth or as frightening as stepping off of a cliff into the unknown. How to start your own business is not as important as to why you are starting one in the first place. If you are starting one to keep up with the Joneses prepare to fall on your face. If you want financial independence or just a little extra income you might just make it.

Making the wrong choice in choosing a business to start is expensive. Finding a business niche is one of the places where you should spend a lot of your intellectual time and energy. Entrepreneur Magazine gives you a host of business options to choose from. Some of their options can be a little pricey. But it is left up to you to look around. I have found that what you know about the most is what you know about the best.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
-- Confucius

Now before you get disgruntled because you think it takes hundreds of thousands or millions to start a business remember it takes more determination that it does cash to start a business. Our country has the best business incubator in the world known as the Small Business Administration and best of all it is free. The SBA has an online resource guide for small business owners that tells you how to start your business from A to Z. Here is also the link to the Alabama Business Resource. Also there are small business mentors like Score willing to assist you if you have questions.

Once you are armed with the information and planning phase then it is time to start with your business identity. Your business identity is simply: your name and mission statement, what products you sell or services you perform, who you are as a business, and your tax structure under the watchful eye of the IRS. You can control your cost by bidding out your design work through Elance where thousands of companies bid on your business needs or through online companies like Vista Printing that offers free or discounted business supplies. Controlling your cost is essential to the survival to any business.

If you are looking for something to sell, EBay has a wholesale market. There are also independent liquidation companies that have plenty to offer. Have you ever wondered were stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar got their supplies click here? If you are thinking about international trade Alibaba has a great site where you can solicit bids from all around the world. Here is a link for finding international trade law. There is no limit to what you can sell or supplies you can find to make your business a dream. The first step is yours.


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