Monday, April 09, 2007

How to Find a Free Virus Scanner

If you are like me you spend a lot of time on the internet and as we all know the internet is full of viral land mines. These viruses can either be a real nuisance or do major damage to your files. This blog entry will show you how to find a free virus scanner.

There are two types of free virus scanners available on the internet. The first is an online scanner. This type of scanner will enable you to scan your computer from its website. However the drawback is if you have a slow connection or heavens forbid a dial up connection this online scanner is not for you. This is a great option if you think you have a virus and your current virus scanner is not picking it up. (Just remember to disable your active virus scanner when choosing to scan online) Whenever I am repairing computers and need a good online scanner I typically use Pandasoft or Kaspersky. However you can run across other online virus scan sites but beware these sites can sometimes scan your computer and the charge you to remove the viruses. Don’t fall for those.

The second type of scanner is a free home licensing scanner. That means you don’t not have to buy this scanner just download and install. In my opinion the two best free scanners in the industry is Grisoft’s AVG Scanner and Avast’s free download version. I like AVG because it updates smoothly and constantly scans your computer. I like Avast because it does the same thing as AVG but it has a siren and a visual warning bar that will pop up you if your computer gets a virus. These scanners typically have a trial period then you have to send them an email to get the unlock key. But hey it is better than paying. If you are like me you like anything free that works. So every Monday I will be posting a “How To…” blog entry that will spotlight free things on the internet. And don’t forget to subscribe to The Apocalypse Papers rss feed. Thanks.


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