Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Coming Full Circle

Diplomacy isn’t dead. It is hidden under the folds of sheer aggression and testosterone. Learning to listen is just as important as understanding WHAT is being said. Looking at the Iranian Hostage Crisis (version 2.0) it is obvious that the Iranians want something in return for the British Marines. This is a trying and sensitive time for both sides. But it is at this meeting table I am pleased there are Brits and Iranians. Because I am sure my beloved America would have not negotiated (at least not publicly). We would have simply let our soldiers be slaughtered then requested more funds for the war effort. And honestly there is no way in a purple-colored hell we could fight Iran.

This scenario has played out before in the Carter and Regan years. Sadly I am old enough to remember our own hostage crisis (version 1.0). The captives were paraded around blindfolded as anti-American chants filled the air. President Carter always looked stressed as he answered question after question daily pertaining to the hostages. Looking back, it was almost if his sole term practically consisted of dealing with Iranian hostage takers. I remember in elementary school I had to write a report on this event and wondered why people had to be so mean (Ah, to be naïve again).

Well gentle reader you know the rest of our hostage story: the hostages were released on the first night of Presidents Regan’s watch, Iran-Contra, Oliver North, yada, yada, yada. Well at least we did have a proverbial “Ace” in the hole. At the same time Iranian students and followers of the new Islamic regime had hostages there was a war going on. It was during this war our friend and ally was provided with the best technology America could create, just so we didn’t have to get our hands dirty, a sort of payback if you will. If you couldn’t figure it our friend was Saddam Hussein and our ally was Iraq. Now that we are out of the loop we have to sit back and watch to see what happens next.


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Sheila said...

Yeah, I have to admit I'm glad it's the Brits and the Iranians going at it. I wish Iran wasn't itching to fight us so much. I can only hope that George's blustering won't get us into another fix.