Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Save Gas…The Old Fashioned Way

Fuel prices are the number one issue on the minds of every working and driving American. Whether you own a fossil fuel hog SUV or a compact car you are feeling the backhanded pimp slap of the oil companies each time you fill up. But in order to survive as a major commuter, I have had to improvise and retrain myself how to save fuel the old fashioned way and let me show you how.

The first five things you should do are:

1. Check the air pressure in your tires.

2. Make sure your coolant levels are correct and balanced.

3. Make sure you get rid of all extra weight in you vehicle, if you have removable seats in your van or SUV take them OUT. Empty your trunk and if you have roadside assistance on your cell phone get rid of your spare tire.

4. Make sure your car is tuned up with new spark plugs, spark plug wires and air filter.

5. Leave early to avoid rushing.

Now some of my readers are consummate comfort hogs and this is okay. You have to have the AC, you have to speed, and you have to have all 8 cylinders of your SUV edging the price of fuel even higher for the rest of us. But there will come a time when the gas prices will force you to read this entry so bookmark it now.

The next six things you should do are:

1. Set a fuel budget and stick to it. That means when the price of fuel creeps higher your range of travel should shorten.

2. Become frugal as hell. If you are like me you have seen the dollar menu at McDonald's shoot skyward. You are paying an added fuel cost. For that matter you are paying that everywhere else also. Be aware of what you are doing.

3. Buy locally grown items if at all possible from the source i.e. farmers market or the farmer themselves. If you like Tasmanian Butt-Fruit believe me it is higher than you should ever be paying.

4. Catch rides if at all possible. Hey, I did say you had to be a goody two shoes just past the cost of shopping on to someone else.

5. Do not travel on peak season regardless of the upcoming holiday. Traditionally prices go up with official start of summer.

6. Slow Down if you are old enough you should remember the orange 55 on the dashboard. That was the speed at which a car got the best fuel economy, I don’t feel you should do the granny-trot down your interstate system but backing off the accelerator pedal will decrease your fuel consumption.


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