Friday, April 25, 2008

New York Detectives....Acquitted

Three African American men were shot, while trying to flee, outside of an illegal strip club…three undercover detectives just happen to be investigating for prostitution, drug sales and illicit behavior. The three detectives are found innocent of all charges, the groom is deceased and his two friends are still suffering the wounds of that night. But I have not heard one person, one person say, “Man…those officers did their jobs.” I don’t want to sound like I am for the overkill 50 shots. Yes, there are ignorant and racist police officers, both Black and White, on patrol right now. Yes, those officers will shoot in fear, arrest African American Men because they can and they will continue doing so. But those three detectives in New York were protecting themselves and the public. Question: How do you stop a car that is trying to run you over? Answer: You keep shooting until the vehicle comes to a stop, it’s just that simple. That might sound insensitive but if you ever seen any copudramas you know uniformed officers always shoot at cars trying to run them over. Being a groom does not exonerate you from your actions. And a valuable lesson has been learned today…the Blue line is real. Let’s just hope a riot does not break out.


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