Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuskegee Experiment and Reverend Wright

I bet Obama could hear the rooster crow for a second time as Reverend Wright took liberty to associate the possible creation, rise and distribution of HIV with the devious 40 year Tuskegee experiment. Yes, the Tuskegee Experiment on uneducated African American Men was a national tragedy, a national crime and a national shame. I personally escorted one of the survivors to the Presidential apology and have seen patients wither away from AIDS. Yes the spread of HIV could have been stemmed if it was not for Ronald Regan being asleep at the helm. Personally I do not believe HIV is a manufactured disease, like Wright, but I do believe the virus could have been controlled. We have learned so much since then, we have learned that experimenting on minorities is wrong and not stopping epidemics because of a pseudo-moral high ground is bad. However we are still making mistakes like attacking the wrong country because of 9/11 and not implementing stop gap measures when it comes to using corn for fuel.


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