Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Recession Fears Grow at Home

I have been keeping track of oil prices and they have hit a new high of 113.00 dollars per barrel. Oh joy. This transmits to my household as exactly one less trip to the grocery store and Wal-Mart. Simplicity is king, fuel is expensive, and this is war. Higher fuel prices mean higher food prices and higher food prices mean less people can afford to eat, a la Haiti,…even if they have food stamps. Personally, I am adjusting my budget, setting some credible restrictions, sorry Starbucks, and looking into buying chickens. Yeah, I said chickens, live cluck, cluck chickens… have you seen the price of eggs recently or the cost of a two-piece at KFC. Hell, have you see the price of milk for that matter. It seems like my paycheck is the same amount but buys less and less everyday. I mean, when you go into Dollar General and almost nothing cost a dollar something is incredibly wrong. I commute to work but the price of gas it took to get there has risen almost two dollars to get back home. Well, I won’t blame anyone for my struggles but I am sure as hell going to make a way. And that’s what Men do (capital M intended)…make a way to survive, so if you see a guy riding a cow on his way to work, that would be me…just toot your horn and go around.


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