Saturday, February 24, 2007

What's In A Name?

Somewhere in a freakish orbit travels an asteroid named Apophis. We are supposed to be able to see it by 2029 and in 2036 we might get a chance to meet Apophis up close and personal. Because this 1000 foot wide metal object may or may not slam into our precious blue planet. But as usual, Astronomers around the world are a little iffy on if impact will even occur. That is provided that the giant space rock does or doesn’t do gravitational wiggle, a sort of cosmic head fake. You can read the article yourself here. But my question is…who names these things?

I am sure Pretty Princess Power Rock would not be the most appropriate name for something that could destroy a city, or create a tsunami that could destroy a city. But then again, Bob is not an appropriate name either. I would like to meet the guy or gal who named this asteroid as ask, “Were the rest of the names taken?” What would be the harm in naming the metal rock BOOM, or how about Power Shot? Apophis, the evil black snake of Egyptian antiquity, a demon, the true personification of darkness and chaos is a little over the top. Geesh, someone has a flair for the melodramatic.

Speaking of names, here is a list of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Names. Now here is a list that should have a strong psychological impact. I believe the name of the hurricane should change according to the intensity and its ability to do damage. Take for example if there ever is a Hurricane Barry (heaven forbid) and it becomes a Category 5 (also heaven forbid) then the name should change to Hurricane BONE STRIPPER. Can’t you just see it now the Weather Channel reporting that Bone Stripper is taking a turn to the right? I feel this name would put the fear of Jesus in those who don’t want to evacuate. But if Barry barely makes it to Category 1 then the name should be changed to Hurricane Cutie Pie. (Don’t worry the power will be on in a couple of hours.) I know you may be laughing at this blog entry but I just happen to believe in having the appropriate name. Just like a 6’6” cage fighter, who has arms like steel cables and built like a tank. Only his name is Sue Ann. He isn’t funny but his name sure is.


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Anonymous said...

thanks for using my idea.... LOL Hurricane Oh-My-God-We're-All-Gonna-Die!!