Monday, February 19, 2007

AIDS Vaccine

HIV itself is not lethal. The opportunistic infections from the lack of an autoimmune system are what kill. It is like fighting a fire in the nude. If you have ever seen someone die from AIDS you know that it is a long, miserable, painful illness that ends with severe dementia then death. In my opinion this is the most terrible way to die. Dying at the hands of AIDS is so graphic that if they just showed a little of the process on television. There would be a lot less infections. As a Paramedic I have come into contact with my fair share of HIV positive patients and believe me they are everywhere. But what interests me is the fact that Merck & Co is doing trials with a possible AIDS vaccine on Dominican Republic prostitutes as well as 3,000 other people in eight different countries.

Being a health care provider I know that HIV exists in many, many different versions. It is not just one virus. It is a collage of mutated viruses that have different strains all over the world. This is why the disease itself is so hard to combat. In my opinion it would be easier to eradicate coca plants than it would to kill off HIV. This is what makes this vaccine trial so interesting. If this trial succeeds I would love to be a shareholder in the company that is making the vaccine. But if it flops and turns those brave harlots into itchy zombies I guess its back to the drawing board.


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