Thursday, February 15, 2007

Enough Already

The American media has failed me. There are life changing events happening around the world right now. These events will surely be in the history books later. Some of them are: Iran is funding and supplying Iraqi insurgents(just like we helped Saddam during the Iran/Iraq war), Kim Jong-il has decided to play nice and is sealing his nuclear reactor in lieu of a million tons of fuel oil, our congress is giving our Commander-in-Chief pure unadulterated hell about his new ambitions of possibly attacking Iran and troop surges, there are snowstorms of biblical proportions in upstate New York, recent discoveries of massive fresh water lakes underneath the Artic ice that if melted it would raise sea levels by 23 feet and the debate over oil, oil and more oil. But do you know what is getting the most press? Try Anna Nicole Smith, and honestly I have had enough.

I don’t understand the chaos surrounding her death. I won’t try to understand the chaos either. On February 9th I found my self staring at the news in shock that her death caused a media speed bump. At that moment I realized I would limit my viewing of CNN, MSNBC, and FOX opting for BBC News, Link Television and National Public Radio. There is something to be said about multi-billion dollar news organizations giving, “Breaking News” reports about an ex-stripper turned model who dies in a Hard Rock Hotel and THEN shows not one but THREE potential fathers to her daughter. The entire world has to be laughing at us right now.

There will come a day in the future (far in the future I hope) where one of my grandchildren will open his or her history book and point to a topic with a question. At that very moment I pray I will have an intelligent answer. I pray that at that moment my memory isn’t racked with holes left by Alzheimer’s and I start spouting some facts about a buxom blonde and her “Baby daddies,” and that ranting will get me thrust into some evil nursing home. I don’t want to live out my days with my brain filled with useless facts about plastic people who have contributed absolutely nothing to society. I don’t want my precious time on earth filled with moments about Brittany Spears missing underwear, Grammy winners whose acceptance speeches last forever or the new “Lost” episode. I have had enough already.


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Sheila said...

Great post! I watch television and have studied broadcasting, journalism and advertising in college as well as pop culture. Yet, for the life of me, I can't figure this out. If those of us who feel as you and I do would stop watching this crap, wouldn't you think it would change this fascination the 24-hour cable channels have with situations like this?

Smith's behavior was slutty and I count about 4 guys saying they could be the father. It was a sad ending to an even sadder life that's been turned into a media feeding frenzy.