Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Five Websites of the Day

Counter Spin: I heard about this website on NPR. Counter Spin is the truth as it should be all packed into a website. If you are brainwashed by your party affiliation you will receive debriefing here.

U.S. Gas Prices: This is an interactive site. Nuff Said.

HD Wallpapers: Beautiful wallpapers for your LCD screens. There is a myriad of folders with great pictures that will make your laptop the talk of the town.

Friv: A cornucopia of flash games to waste time on. I love this site. Some of these games are mouse only and some are keyboard only. Just click and click until you find one you like.

Scam: If you ever wanted to find out if that home based business was a scam. Click this site. There are forums that coverer everything from MLM to Nigerian Email Scams.


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