Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday's Rant

I am a realist. A stone cold, matter-of-fact, realist that knows if the US runs out of oil the obesity problem in our country will be solved. A realist so plaintively aware, that I know that there is not a chance in hell the US would fight Iran, prevent Russia from stomping through its own territory or find a cure for anything. So why are we subjected to constant lies by the media.


They think we are mentally-retarded lambs. Ah-HA! I get it.

They think we are too stupid to think for ourselves, yeah whatever.

Also, there has been this awww moment where an illegal alien in a coma and the hospital wants to send him home…because he can’t pay his bills. So what are they going to do with the rest of the patients receiving indigent care? Exactly what they are doing to this guy and believe it or not, hospitals have been doing just that for loooong time.

That leads me to say that cash is the best health insurance.

Yep, now you know the secret of health care, stone, hard, C…A…S…H.

Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf resigns before he is impeached. And I am wondering if we will ever find Osama. Because Musharraf most likely knew where he was and OH, he held the keys to the Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Now, Pakistan slowly descends into madness.

The world holds its breath.

As President Obama picks his Vice-President not that the VP really matters but there is really nothing else on TV.

Besides the Olympics but who wants to watch old news when the medal results are on the net.

That leads me to this.

Why is there this incessant belly-aching because China has a 13 year old girl competing in gymnastics? Really, we are talking about China here. The Communist country that still has forced labor re-education camps, internet censorship, executions of political prisoners and makes toys covered in lead paint? Or are we talking about the China that has the best General Tso’s chicken imaginable and has created one awesome aquatic center. Either way it goes make a deal with the devil and get the smell of sulfur in your clothes. That’s what I say.


There has been an up-tick in insurgent violence in Afghanistan.

Roadside bombs are killing more and more American soldiers everyday and the Taliban has become more aggressive. What are we to do? I hate the words, “We are winning,” because it looks like a rotten stalemate from over here.


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