Monday, August 18, 2008

A Lot Has Changed

As a kid growing up in the Black Belt, I watched as grown-up touted the vile, Godless nature of Communism and its controlling nature on its populace. Well, not in those words but you get the picture. I sat watching Michael Phelps swim like Flipper taking gold after gold in a Communist country that still executes its people with a bullet behind the left ear and makes the family pay for it. And I thought to myself, boy a lot has changed.

It is not that change is bad. But I believe that change is a relative event. Meaning it only applies to the current mood of the people. I think 10 years ago Ellen could not wed her girlfriend and Obama would not have had a chance in hell of becoming the Democratic nominee. Now you have city governments that are legislating fashion and a high school for gay and transgendered students. Late at night if you listen real close you can hear the dead doing summersaults in their graves. My eyes have seen a lot. And I intend to see a lot more. But where is the line drawn in the sand?

I am not espousing that I have a moral high ground, nay. I am saying where do you draw the line in the sand? Personally my line is drawn when people are allowed to marry animals. Yep, that is my line. As Americans we have broken so many social taboos I had to find one last social taboo bastion that is untouched by human hands. And the day someone is allowed to marry Fluffy or Fido, I will be the first on a picket line.


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