Monday, September 17, 2007


Incredulous, embarrassing and down right mind boggling that OJ at 60 years of age is being held without bail on an armed robbery charge. It is alleged (I use that term because he hasn't been found guilty) that he broke into a Las Vegas hotel room in an attempt to recover items for sale by sport collectors. After all OJ has gone through he should be oblivious to collectors selling old memories, knowing full well he couldn't profit on the sale of the items anyway. In 1995 when he was found innocent of the crime of Murder, he was not found innocent of the crime of murder. Cultural divides along the lines of race found him innocent in the eyes of Black community and guilty in the eyes of White community. But one thing is for certain he was found innocent in a trial that made superstars out of Cochran's law firm and fools out of the prosecution, with OJ's very existence being scrutinized in the middle.

Now what still perplexes me is how he was found innocent of a criminal charge only to be found guilty of the same crime in civil court. Every time I think about it I get a migraine. The civil award equates to, “The jury said you didn't do it but you will have to pay like you did.” Personally I didn't care if OJ was found innocent or guilty. I knew he had enough money to create a reasonable doubt. I knew if I were charged with the same crime, with the same evidence, I would already have black and white tattoos creeping up my arms , a prison moniker like, “Slasher” or “Knifer and 12 years on a life sentence bid if I wasn't waiting for my day on the bed of no return. Honestly I think OJ has had enough. If an elderly Running Back, which by the way is hated by most of America based solely on public opinion, snaps in a hotel room I would take that as a ominous sign of things to come.


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