Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Find Cheap Computers Here!

If you are like me you want...excuse me...need a good deal on computers and computer accessories. This need made me do a search of epic proportions. Well more like an hour, but hey for the Internet that is almost like a lifetime. As a computer guy I know that the average person doesn't understand what they are looking for when purchasing a computer. So here are a couple of quick tips:

1.Do your homework. You do not need a two thousand dollar computer to play solitaire or check your email.
2.Mismatched computers are ok. If you have a black monitor with a beige tower who cares.
3.Box stores have an insane mark-up on their computers.
4.You can buy computers without the monitors, keyboards, or operating systems.
5.Never ever buy a computer when you need it.
6.Yes, you can get a good computer under 500 dollars.

Here are a couple of sites where you can buy refurbished computers at incredibly low prices. Why refurbished you ask? Well every computer right out of the box is already outdated. Believe it or not. So why pay full price for something that is already old.

If you want a Dell System here is their outlet
If you want a HP System here is their refurbish site
If you want systems under 300 dollars Tiger Direct is where you should look.

Good luck.