Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My 100th Post!!!

I did not know how hard it was to be a committed blogger until I started, “The Apocalypse Papers” last May. When I first placed character to blank Microsoft Word document, I had no clue what was in store for me and curiously over the life of this web-log, I have made some pretty dramatic life changes . My very first post entitled, “Signs of the Times” was my warning shot into the abyss of rants and rambles of online bloggers. I thought it was pretty good, but I got zero comments. Ha. What a first post. I was proud of my entry and directed it to anyone who had a computer and online access. Such naivety. So here are the top 20 things I have learned during my first 100 post.

20. There are bloggers with much larger vocabularies than my own.

19. Online readers need consistency with blog postings.

18. If you plan to make money online it is best to use eBay.

17. SEO Optimization works wonders

16. Commenting on others blogs will bring plenty of readers but not many subscribers.

15. FeedBurner is awesome…and I do mean awesome.

14. Never ever stray from your subject matter.

13. Use pictures, video, and games because text all the time will bore your visitors.

12. Always document where you got your pictures from or take your own.

11. Leave the artsy, speculative, and whiny blogs to those artsy, speculative and whiny bloggers.

10. People love to laugh but they surely don’t want to cry. Crying is bad.

09. Changing topics can sometimes throw your audience around.

08. Having a picture that shocks visitors is always good but document your source.

07. Limit your blog entries to 500 words or less.

06. Link, link and link again.

05. John Chow is my hero.

04. Learn how to use Blogger and WordPress.

03. Blog entries done in mean spirit will come back to haunt you.

02. Limiting web add-ons to your blog you will increase the load time.

01. Making money is great. But making sense is better.