Thursday, September 13, 2007

Five Shareware Must Haves

Keeping up with the constant influx of computer programs can be nerve racking. But if you know where to look those nerve racking programs can also be free. So I have listed the top Five Shareware Programs Must Haves.

5. Mozilla Sunbird. If you have a laptop and need to have your schedule handy at all times this program is for you. It is easy to download and set up anyway you choose.

4. Open Office. Lets face it, if you walk into Best Buy or Office Depot right now, you could find a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 for over 400 dollars. However if you want a program that does the same thing and is free, Open Office is for you.

3. iGoogle. Google, the mother of all things Internet, has a fully integrated system of bells and whistles that you can use at your leisure. There are too many things name here but Google is free also.

2. Tiny Spell. If you are an avid writer of emails or a frequent blogger this small unobtrusive program is for you. Just download and it will chime and change colors when you have misspelled a word.

1. Linux Knoppix. Did you know that you don’t have to run Microsoft Windows on your computer. Here is a free operating system. Just before you download this read the manual…please.


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