Friday, June 22, 2007

Top Five Technologies to Watch

I am mystified at how technology is leaping forward every day. I watch as computers get faster and faster, cell phones get smaller and lighter (can you say choking hazard) and L.E.D lights take over traditional light bulbs. But nothing has amazed me more than the top five up and coming technologies listed below.

5.HHO Gas

In a nutshell this process is where distilled water is split into hydrogen and oxygen by using electrolysis. Then those gases are then used as a fuel source to generate a flame that is cool to the touch but will heat brass to the melting point in seconds.

4. Computer Storage Space:

Developers are in a race around the planet to develop larger storage devices in a smaller package thus making cell phones smaller as well as computers more powerful.

3.L.E.D. Lights:

It might sound strange to think of LED’s to be a technology to watch but remember there is such a thing as the, “Butterfly Effect” and besides blue light LED’s are shown to reduce acne.

2.Wave Energy:

As the planet gets warmer and sea levels rise there will be stronger and stronger waves as well as horrendous storms. You might as well make use out of the renewable and clean energy being released This technology is already being tested.

1.Hydrogen Based Fuels:

I think this technology is the number one for said reasons: A. Anything grown has to be cultivated and cultivation requires a tremendous amount of energy in the form of chemical enhancement and vast amounts of land so bio-fuels are ,in my opinion, a waste of time. B. Hydrogen exists all around us and any technology that includes its usage will go very far.