Tuesday, June 05, 2007

On Waking Up

Recently a Polish man awoke from a coma that lasted an incredible 19 years. Can you imagine what he is thinking right now? Can you even fathom what is going through his head as he is told about the years he has slept through? The words HDTV, Broadband, Digital, Bird-Flu, Euros, Hackers, PDA’s, Global Warming, insurgents and 9-11 are all thrown at him. So much so it could send him into another coma. It will take about a year to explain to him how Perestroika melted the iron wall and murdered the Soviet Bear. And it will take at least two years for him to catch up with one season of American Idol.

Now imagine if you fell to a coma, on March 19 2003, the day before the war started in Iraq and suddenly awoke today? How would you handle the news that our country, the world’s greatest country, is getting our asses smacked once again, as if Vietnam wasn’t enough? Just think, on that fateful March day, you were full of hope and aspiration for our country and upon waking up today you found out we succeeded in toppling and executing Saddam only to find out why he had to be an evil bastard. You become tragically familiar with words like Abu Ghraib, IED, Al Anbar Province, Sadar City, Mahdi Army, Dragon Skin, Shiite and Sunni. You awoke to find that Hurricane Katrina, in a single curtsy and swish of her bustle, changed the demographics of New Orleans in 2 hours flat. You woke up to find out that our government has turned it's back on legal, taxpaying, citizens in favor of amnesty for illegal workers. That sudden shock, to know that things have taken a turn for the worse, would make you look for a second coma…hell I know I would.

But what happens when you, who have been sleeping, finally woke up in the figurative sense? By waking up I mean the smoke was blown into your rectal vault has dissipated and you are able to make a credible, intelligent, and informed decision based on learned facts. How would you feel? Can you believe that there are people out there that make render any decision unless it is based along political party lines? Can you believe there are people who don’t believe global warming is real even though Florida is on fire or that our first tropical event was named Andrea on May 9th? Well if you are still sleeping and refuse to hear the facts fine. Remember the high price of gas is due in part of terrorist and unpatriotic Americans, not because of your new Hummer. Remember 150,000 troops can strategically run a country of antiquity on sheer firepower without violent retribution. And lastly, remember, it is better to have a cheap, beautiful, landscape than lower taxes, cheaper health insurance, or 700 miles of border fence.


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