Sunday, June 10, 2007

10 Sure Fire Ebay Tips

It is no secret that Ebay has become the worlds flea market. If you can dream it then you can buy it on Ebay. But the trick is how to find what you are looking for and get it for the price you want.

1. When looking for your specific item make sure you have done your research FIRST. The seller knows the price so should you.

2. Look at the Sellers rating. This tid-bid of information can save you a whole lot of grief. The lower their score the less likely you will be satisfied with what they are auctioning off.

3. Misspell the name of your item. You would be surprised to know that many people make mistakes....costly mistakes. Then pounce like a tiger.

4. Pay attention to shipping and handling. Sometimes a seller will go incredibly low on their opening bid only to scorch you on the shipping and handling. If it isn't there on the listing send and email and ask.

5. Never ever place the item in your "My Ebay" to be watched. This tells the seller you are interested. Bad move sometimes, even though it is against Ebay Policy, people shill bid.

6. Pay attention to overseas listings. Remember that it takes a long time on overseas shipments. And the shipper will ship as cheap as possible.

7. Hold your feedback until you have received the item you have won. This keeps the seller honest. If is not what they say it is contact the seller and request a refund after all a bad remark hurts. It's called leverage.

8. If it looks too good to be is counterfeit. Look closely at the item you are bidding on. Ask questions and if you have to model numbers. Do your homework.

9. Look at your sellers history of selling items. It will tell you allot about their expertise.

10. Last but not least bid responsibly. Sometimes having that 1970's issue of Mad Magazine is just not worth it.