Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Top 11 Ways to Beat the Heat

News agencies around the country, especially the ones in the Southeastern U.S, will soon be running “spots” on how to handle the summer heat. As usual they grab some doctor from their busy practice to repeat the woes of summertime. And at the very end the physician says, “If you think you’re experiencing a heat emergency don’t hesitate to call 911.” Well guess what I am 911 and here are the top eleven ways to beat the summer heat.

11. Acclimatize yourself to the heat: Start out small with one minute during the hottest part of the day then increase your heat exposure to 5 minutes or greater. Living, working and driving in the air-conditioning makes us more prone to heat exhaustion because it lowers your temperature threshold.

10. Small meals in the heat please: If you think you can eat 2 pounds of food from a buffet and then walk around 90 degree weather heat you are sadly mistaken. It takes heat to process the food you have eaten. Heat plus heat equals…you guessed it someone vomiting on the sidewalk.

9. Electrolyte replacement works but water works best: If you prone to sweat like a fat man in a cake race then I would suggest Gatorade or Power Aide but water is king. Besides water is sugar-free, fat-free, and calorie-free plus your body loves it…even if you don’t.

8. Stay away from Sweet Tea, Soft Drinks, and Alcoholic Beverages during daylight hours: Personally there is nothing like a good cold glass of tea in the heat but that should never be the only thing you drink.

7. A wide-brimmed hat works wonders in the direct sunlight.

6. Keep check on the frequency and color of your urine: This is a standard question Medical Emergency professionals ask, “How many times have you used the bathroom today and what color was it?” Translated “Hey retard did you know that honey colored urine means you were low on water?

5. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and Sunscreen and did I mention Sunscreen: SPF 75 if they have such a thing.

4. Wear brightly colored loose clothing when outdoors: Reflects light, and creates airspace yada, yada, yada. It keeps you cool. There is no reason to have J-Lo tight jeans in 110 degree heat unless you are trying to bake a potato in your pocket. Come on.

3. Act like a child: Case in point if you ever watched children play outside in the heat, you know they are constantly in and out of the house, drinking water, cooling off and returning to play, take note.

2. Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke: Heat Exhaustion will make you dizzy, lightheaded, perspire like crazy and flushed in appearance. Heat Stroke will make you cold and clammy and have an increased core temperature and send you into a coma. Both are bad. Both can kill you. If you suspect either one is happening call 911. Remember that.

1. Keep an emergency re-hydration kit in your car and home: This should consist of a case of water, wide brimmed hats, spray bottles, cold packs, and towels. Because you never know when your power will go out or your car will break down.