Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh Babylon

I know what you are saying gentle reader, my title is too eccentric, too biblical, but somehow I think this title works. President Bush has authorized our military to kill---yes kill Iranians plotting against Iraq, and now he has taken the dictatorial stance that he makes the decisions on U.S. troop levels. What in the sweet land of liberty is this really about? Let’s review, we went to Iraq to intercede and destroy all weapons of mass destruction. We made it to Iraq but haven’t found one WMD, 3031 U.S. troops have been killed during this operation, the Republicans got their butts stomped because of their faux pas and the U.S has become the laughing stock of the entire world. I don’t like it one bit.

The question is how do you really tell an Iranian bomb-maker as opposed to a Sunni mill worker or a Shiite baker? That would be like trying to tell the difference between someone who resides in Shelby County, Alabama versus someone who lives in Shelby County, Iowa. Of course the accents would be different, and I know we Alabamians would pick up on it in a heart beat. But let’s say the person who was doing the deciphering was from New Deli, India. This is truly what we are facing with this proposal to kill Iranian experts.

On a diplomatic approach to the problem that is Iraq we should understand Iran has a vested interest. Like our vested interest in the U.S/ Mexico border. These two have been neighbors for a long time with strong cultural ties. If we have not learned anything since “Operation Iraqi Freedom” began, we should have learned this; we are not loved in Iraq. IED’s go off daily and these dastardly things are remote operated, so that means Iraqi citizens drive pass them with impunity. Those citizens don’t have to worry about the roadside bombs, because there’re friends and neighbors of the bomb planters. Abu Ghraib styled prisons have ruined our reputation and it’s a solidifying battle cry for all those who want to kill our troops, now add the benefit of haphazardly identifying Iranian “experts” and then the Hezbollah gets directly involved, instead of just showing how to build bombs. Bush in my opinion is pushing the envelope. He has to know that the U.S is “militarily impotent” as one of my other favorite bloggers put it.

The United States used to have the reputation as peace brokers, food aid suppliers, the first to help in disasters, the country you least wanted to piss off next to Russia, the most developed and civilized of nations, the most honorable of nations and a nuclear superpower…with passive aggressive tendencies. But somewhere between September 11th and the day we invaded Iraq, something went awry. Sensibilities were lost to paranoia, paranoia led to secret prisons, warrant-less wire-taps, no fly list, gas prices through the roof, terror alerts for gas odors, three ounces of liquids as a carry on, and a President who believes that 21,500 troops will put down the violence in a place known through out history for the evilest of cities named Babylon. I will be glad when 2008 gets here.


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Sheila said...

The U.S. has been dickering around in the affairs of other nations for quite awhile. Although he is crazy as a fruitcake, I'm always amused at Hugo Chavez when he takes on the U.S. I think that under the current administration the U.S. is in an especially dangerous position in the world. President Bush scares the be-Jesus out of me and I'll be glad when he's gone.