Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Occam's Razor

Watching the sectarian conflict escalate in Iraq, has brought me to the understanding that President Bush is over compensating for the most simplest of answers to the question which is Iraqi Freedom. 21,500 soldiers in my opinion will not reduce or even slow the sectarian violence in a country roughly the size of Idaho, but will provide more targets for the insurgents. President Jalal Talabani knows America will not stay long enough to clean up the mess it has created, and he will be forced to create political relationships that are unsavory, but necessary for Iraq to have any future. He understands Occam’s Razor. The expression on President Talabani face says it all; on camera Talabani appears tired and unshaven his movements almost mechanical…he is out of options. He knows his country is falling apart. He knows the killings will get even worse before any slowdown is possible. After all there is a power struggle all the way to the top and they will try to kill him when they get there.

A report released by the UN that aired on NBC Nightly News that an average of 100 Iraqi civilians died each day during 2006. Meanwhile our beloved country is loosing on average 100 service members monthly, not to mention the grossly wounded causalities. What really would be the harm in withdrawing from Iraq? Would it be more sectarian violence, more terrorist involvement in Iraq’s daily activities? Would the Iranians march across the border to commandeer the country? Do the Iranians really want the headache? What really are we waiting for? What should we really be concerned about? Personally I believe we should not waste on more American life because of a Bush’s belief in ambiguity. A hail Mary of sorts, as if our ball is in the 30 yard line and one more play will put our team on the board when we are 40 points behind. No sir. Bring our kids home.


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Sheila said...

Good post, Alex. I listened to the news last night and heard 70+ Iraqi students/faculty had been killed leaving their university. Now, I have a high school senior and next year he's going away to college. He will most likely be in a safe environment unlike these young people and their teachers.

Each day I ask myself, "What have we done to this country?" and "What is it costing us?"