Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Not News

Whatever happened to reporting that was factual and straight forward. In my opinion no one reports the facts fully anymore. There are always inadequacies, misdirection, prestidigitation of print; reporters omit the substance inside of truth leaving us with just a frame, to fill with our own opinions. I hate it.

Did you know 500, 000 people showed up in Washington D.C for a war protest. I did. But I didn’t know the magnitude of the protest until today. The one protest clip they showed on the Fox New Channel, when the march occurred, included a stage full of grandmothers protesting by singing a ditty and a few people holding creative signs. There was no mention of the size of the crowd or who even sponsored it. In a flash the story was over and done with. Later that evening Fox rehashed the same clip. Frankly, there was more coverage of “The Day without Latinos” that took place in March of 06’, than the peace rally. I thought of it no more until today and honestly I became upset.

Speaking out against our government is a right guaranteed to all Americans by the First Amendment. This ability to be heard without the consequence of disappearing into a secret prison, tortured and then executed is our right. We have the ability to vote with impunity without being threatened at the polls. But while most American news channels acknowledge our right to protest, they choose to show teenage girls beating the tar out of each another, the latest restaurant to switch to trans-fat free cooking oil and the 12 Democratic Senators who are running for President in 08’ (The next President will be a Democrat, provided all twelve don’t get caught on film taking bribes.) instead. It would amaze me to know that the people who live in a traditionally red state are incensed about this war. Hopefully they are scraping off those pretentious black and white “W’s” and wondering which Democrat they are going to vote for. That is the kind of reporting I want to see.

I want to see news that makes me ponder a thought not change the channel. Some of the stuff they report on makes me want to listen to static all day. Report on global warming not Anna Nicole Smith and her drug induced interview. Show bio-diesel and alternative energy concepts not which movie star grossed the most money in 2006. I’m sorry I didn’t make the millions so I DON’T CARE. Give me an expose’ on illegal immigrants who work for major home builders not Paula Abdul and her freakish antics. Then I will watch until my eyeballs fall out, but until then I will furrow my brow in anger and grit my teeth in disgust.


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