Monday, January 19, 2009

Twenty Things That Don’t Make Sense!

Warning, the link in this title has graphic pictures, click at your own risk.


1.Over-the-top press about Caylee Anthony’s disappearance/murder but nothing about the rest of the children who became missing and/or were murdered around the same time.

2.The price of a barrel of oil sliding but the price of a gallon of gas increasing! WTF!

3.The rush to purchace firearms because of a new Democratic Government however you still have to register the same weapon you just purchased so the same Democratic Government knows where the weapons were sold. Retards.

4.Bernie Madoff and his house arrest.

5.American Idol...why, somebody please do something with this show.

6.Kellogg’s salmonella infused peanut butter. Somewhere Tony the Tiger is smoking a fatty and trying to figure this one out.

7.America’s Best Dance Crew. Like we have nothing better to do but watch children dance.

8.A child named Adolf Hitler. Parents clueless as to why Adolf was removed from their home along with Joyce Lynn Aryan Nation Campbell

9.Pencil Leg Jeans. Yuck!

10.Israel bombing the shit out of Gaza.

11.Israel’s cease-fire

12.Hamas telling Israel to eat a dirty Yarmulke as they continue firing homemade rockets.

13.Amy Winehouse, Amy Winehouse, Amy Winehouse!

14.North Korea threatening South Korea…again.

15.The Hi Phone

16.Falling out of your boat in a Piranha infested lake.

17.Russia turning off gas flow in the middle of winter.

18.Citi-Group falling from grace…twice

19.Refinancing your mortgage or even sending a payment when the company holding the lien…closes.

20.Sociopathic Paramedics.


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