Thursday, January 29, 2009

819 Billion Dollar Bailout

As a working (thank God) Paramedic I cannot understand why Republicans are having a complete hissy fit over the 819 Billion Dollar Bailout.The only thing I have heard thus far is why the Republicans oppose not what they would do to solve our financial mess. Oh yes,wait, the Republican plan: business tax cuts, no abortions and guns and God in public classrooms. Yada, yada, yada, we have heard it all before.But what if there are no businesses, no clinics to get abortions or rudimentary health care or no pawns shops because they have all shut their doors.

My America is in a crisis. I have no clue what America the Republicans are living in. My America is watching Moms and Dads loose their jobs every minute as business that were solid as a rock suddenly collapse. In what America do these Republicans reside? Oh yes, the America where homes are being foreclosed on and it is the homeowner to blame. The America where it is okay to be out of a job but not okay to take unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid or housing assistance. an Independent, Small Business Owner and provider for my family I think those Republicans are completely retarded. It stirs me to my very soul to hear that some fellow citizens are committing suicide, killing their children, going into deep depression or becoming homeless because they cannot find a job. The same citizens who wouldn't ask for a handout, generally vote Republican, and wants a chance to pay a bill any bill. The same citizens who will now vote Democrat than to starve like a homeless dog. I feel that those dissenting Republicans are comfortable as they occupy the responsible spending "high ground" when it was on their watch we got into this mess in the first place.


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