Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When Dads Attack

Tears, prayer vigils and Amber Alerts have been avoided today. There will be no need to hold a press conference on the whereabouts of Frances Ramirez. This is because her father chased down the man who abducted his 4 year old…and got her back. Just when I think the world has lost its mind, I have to think again. If you have been reading The Apocalypse Papers then you will know I am pro Dad. I am pro kick-a-bastard-in-the-groin just before you shoot him or her if they happen to bother one of your kids. My attitude towards child offenders is justified and should be accepted widely. But there are some weaklings who believe the judicial system and law enforcement should handle all situations. But tell me, if you dare, would you spend the next 10 years in jail if it meant your children were protected and alive by your violent actions. I congratulate Robert Perez Rodriguez for doing what needed to be done.


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