Saturday, February 23, 2008

Portal Georgia

One Mega Millions ticket was sold in Portal Georgia, population a whopping 600 resident give or take a few, that is worth 270 MILLION dollars instantly creating a mega, MEGA millionaire. Now who ever has bought the winning ticket is in for a rush of a lifetime. There will parties, trips and untold luxury. There will be a spending like a drunken rapper in a closed mall. Am I mad at the winner? Am I dismayed that I did not win the Mega Millions? I will say with composure and dignity, no. Because I know what that sudden infusion of cash would do in to my life. I want to be a millionaire; I want to retire fiscally comfortable and able to travel the world with my wife. But I don’t want to be dipped in gorgeous millions so deep that I loose sights of the yellow and white lines in the road. And believe me lottery winners often do. So I applaud the winner of the lotto and celebrate my loss. But boy that Taylor Made-Ninja-Harley Bass catching airplane sure would have been nice.


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