Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Weeks Discourses

Driving into work this morning I realized that the price of gas has exceeded the height of giraffe’s warm, reproductive organs. I can imagine that Shell, BP, Amoco, and any other oil company I haven’t named are jumping for joy because people are still commuting. People are still working , living and no one is spitting venom at the oil companies-at least not publicly. And there are some people that are saying we are headed to 4 dollars a gallon. I think a motorcycle might be in order soon or a horse.

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan and her mere presence is causing civil unrest and protest against President Pervez Musharraf. She was placed under house arrest and then set free to room her compound (compound arrest). However, I believe Pakistan’s unrest is part of the democratic process and President Musharraf is caught holding the bag. If he wasn’t holding the bag, Ms. Bhutto would probably already be in one…ahem. But since the whole world is watching including Al Qaeda, Osama and a host of nervous Muslim leaders, Pakistan’s President/Dictator hands are tied with barbed wire. Just remember Musharraf's country is nuclear capable and if there is no stable government, the bomb could fall in the wrong American-hating hands. Stay tuned.

OJ is finally going to be paid back for killing his wife or actually that is what the public wanted. I don’t understand this obsession with an aging Heisman Trophy winner and his memories. Ok, he walked in a room and demanded his stuff back at gun point; he is facing life for this. Life. A football player with bad nerves and swollen knees is facing life. And if you know about a crime before it occurs and you do nothing to stop it doesn’t that make you a conspirator? Someone tell the FBI that.

If Chinese made toys are covered in lead paint and some could metabolize into the, ”Date Rape Drug” GHB if swallowed, why hasn’t America grumbled furiously and said, “Thanks but no thanks” and ceased all toy imports from China. Is it because of the upcoming holiday season? Is it because China has us by the red, white and blue balls? Is it because China there is so much outsourced business in China they could wreck us economically? Why is it that the health of our children means absolutely nothing to the outgoing Whitehouse administration? If you think I am over reaching, say SCHIP, and say it loudly.

NBC has a program called, “To Catch a Predator.” But the only species they are catching are men. I think that this program is a good thing. I think that NBC should link with America’s Most Wanted and combine to become a mega predator show. However it seems that perverse men are not the only ones who are copulating with underage kids. It seems like the American justice system over looks and downplays the perverse women who molest boys and girls alike. Why the difference? The latest teacher, who ran with her child-lover, left him in Mexico where he can’t return. Because he is an illegal alien who is has now been separated from his family. I wonder if she did that on purpose. Think about it no child, no crime.

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