Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Suicide by Police

Police officers are not infallible people. They are subjected to the same vices, jealousy, pain and as of late even murder. And with each officer being the living embodiment of the communal law we have enacted, they are subjected scrutiny and the heat of microscopes because of their daily actions. I am not a police officer and I wouldn’t dare become one because of the aforementioned statement. Reading an article about 18 year old Khiel Coppin male getting shot and killed because he was holding a brush has really upset me. Not because the police responding to the domestic dispute shot and killed an unarmed man but because the unarmed man was holding a brush threatening the officers and ignoring their commands. Let’s look at this shall we? If you had a job where there was a possibility that you could be killed with each call you made, would you, the reader, be on edge? If you had the opportunity to prevent your murder by shooting first-would you? If you answered no, click away from this blog. But if you answered yes, then you understand what happened to that kid holding the brush. I don’t see it as a white cop versus black kid deal however it will be perceived that way. But I do see it as suicide by police and it is not all to uncommon.


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