Saturday, March 10, 2007

United Bandits Association Local 771

What in the name of all things holy did a New York mugger prove in robbing a 101 year old woman? She was pushed, shoved, man handled and then knocked to the floor. And the sad part was that she walks with a walker. Did he realize if he is ever caught, every self respecting convict will be after perverted liberties with him, just to prove a point? (Prisoners do have code of ethics, go figure) This person has truly lost man points. Mugging this hyper elderly person who had no visible means of protecting herself ( even if she was standing in a gun store) was the same as knocking out a two year old, then professing your strength as a boxer. Come on.

This had to be some one who did not want a challenge for his ill gotten gains of 33 dollars. This mugger has to be the laughing stock of the entire prison industrial complex in America. Can’t you just imagine the conversations that are going on in local jails and prisons? If he is ever caught he will be considered a “trophy” for the arresting office and a prison “trophy” (as in Big Bubba’s possession). Need I explain more?

If he really wanted to be considered a criminal of the highest order he should have robbed one of New York’s infamous Piru or Skyline Blood gang members with a fake pistol and then bragged about it. That robbery would have not been a media event; he would have gained street credibility all through New York, if he wasn’t murdered in retaliation first. But the point is, being a thief, especially a Lilly-livered thief, who made his escape on a bicycle after robbing a centenarian has to be in my book lower a man who wears pantyhose because he likes the way they feel.


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