Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Alabama Legislative Pay Raise

Alabama Legislators felt they deserved a 62 percent increase in pay and incentives, so they voted it in. Be mindful that this increase is retroactive to the day they were elected in November 2006. So these state lawmakers will be receiving hefty paychecks for their part-time work. Am I angered by this? Am I incensed that these part-time elected individuals are using the system to their benefit? Well I am as mad as any Alabama tax payer should be. But the kicker is, if you think those dissenting voices will refuse their raises in protest…you have another thing coming. However my question is where is the money coming from for their raises?

I cannot see what is so hard about being a legislator. They are in antique surroundings. They have heat and air-conditioning. They do not have to break rocks, cut grass or wash windows. They are not in danger of armed 13 year old drug dealers or bi-polar football players. They don’t have to operate asphalt machinery in the direct Alabama sun. They do not have to deal with felons, repeat offenders or shoot outs. All they have to do is meet, vote, discuss meeting to vote and eat lunch. Is this elected job really deserving of 50 thousand dollars a year? (The key word being elected)

I heard a Senator or Representative say on WSFA that this increase was so the average man could survive if he became an Alabama State Legislator…hot hogwash. In my opinion an average non-political person could not run for the statehouse because campaigns are extremely expensive. We are talking at least a couple hundred thousand to a million dollars for a 50 thousand a year job and you might not get elected. This job is not meant for the working man and woman. Let’s face it we have been duped again.



Sheila said...

Have to agree. You see, I think serving in the legislature is an honor. We taxpayers are putting a lot of trust in the hands of these men and women. Unless we want professional legislators, the salary should be reflected as a part time undertaking. Sure, cover reasonable expenses. The average man or woman is going to find it nearly impossible to get elected to begin with. You have filing fees, advertising, etc. It takes a lot of time and a concern for the greater good--not for the pocketbook.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder what the other citizens of this great state are thinking. I hear one of the legislators say that it cost him 30,000.00 for a 29,000.00 job. It is not a job. It is a duty that was entrusted to him. Another on said that he had to rent an apartment to attend the legislative meetings. Why??? it would be cheaper to stay in a hotel for the time they are here. That is what the expense check is for. 50,000.00 a year hot heavy smelly hogwash.

Kellye said...

We are upset in Birmingham too. The most amazing thing to me is that on top of the raise, they managed to structure things so that they fall just BELOW the Ethics Department annual filing for state employees making $50,000 or more. There are teachers, principals and other individuals in the state who don't actually have hands-on access to any actual money who are having to file these very personal disclosures about their finances annually and yet the people who need to disclose the most made sure they were under the threshold. That burns me up.

charleybeema said...

They pulled a surprise attack on the citizens. Dare we do the same when they are up for reelection. I will, no matter how much they argue they are good for my district. If they took the raise, I will help them rise to the occasion and leave. We've got to change the way the legislature operates, not "works," and that may have to be a clean slate. Let them spend the hundreds of thousands to run, and we can show them what a bad investment they made by putting some caring, dedicated people in there who recognize public service as a priviledge. Come in, get the job done, and leave.