Monday, March 05, 2007

Dangerous Dad

I saw a video that actually sent chills down my spine. The video showed a clip of two teenagers giving pot to a 2 YEAR OLD and a 5 YEAR OLD. These small children knew how to hold the joint. It was apparent they had done it before. This scene disturbed me to the point I had to take a couple of 800mg Motrin. If that had been my own 4 year old with his pudgy little lips wrapped around that joint, there would not have been enough police at the hostage situation I would have caused. The headlines would have read, “Distraught Dad Detains Duo.” In my opinion there are some things you just have to be willing to go to jail over, and I think the safety of your own children is one of them.

I have seen so many tragic, vile and despicable things done to children as a Paramedic. This video should have not bothered me…but it did. Children are voiceless victims who are at the mercy of their villains, they cannot protect themselves. I have seen them physically abused, sexually abused, mentally abused and often murdered. And this video is one example of irresponsibility on the part of the teenagers and definitely the parent(s). Our children are assets pure and simple and they should be treated as such. Being a parent myself I know this makes me bias, but who cares this is my blog. These young men are apparently irresponsible to point where a couple of years in prison should be mandatory. And I would be willing to drive them there myself.

These two kids are now in protective services (thank God) but now mom wants them back. Ok, first let me take a deep breath. Mom had to have noticed the pot odor on her kids. That is the first thing a parent does after being away from them all day is get close enough to touch and then SMELL their children. It’s automatic. You can tell if something is wrong when you are that close, if they have a fever, or if they have been in something they shouldn’t have been, i.e, perfume, medication, or cake. Moms are notorious for doing this. Dads are not as quick to do it but they still do it. I know I do. I think these kids should remain in protective custody until those teenagers have been sentenced.



Anonymous said...


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Sheila said...

I briefly heard the story and I felt so creepy. I'm not for corporal punishment normally, but these kids deserve to have the stew whipped out of them. This is meanness.

Anonymous said...

Mom was in the back room asleep because she had taken so pain medication. There is nothing that would cause me to take pain medication in the middle of the day with my babies on the loose. That is just irresponsible. When I saw the tape I was taken aback. And Grandma saying they weren't raised like that. Well, grandma, it seems that they were. Your daughter on pain meds and your kids giving your grand kids pot. My answer, My Wooden spoon.