Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Atheist Soldier

Jeremy Hall is an atheist. He is also a U.S. service member who has served in Iraq. Now, the problem is, Jeremy Hall has been ostracized, criticized and threatened by his fellow service members for his personal religiousbeliefs. This in my opinion is wrong. He is protected by the First Amendment. Jeremy Hall states after two tours in Iraq he, “lost his faith.” I can understand that. But I think that if he has, “lost his faith” he should at least keep his mouth shut and blend in with the crowd, because nobody likes a loud-mouth god-less creep. Just like no one likes a loud-mouth, righteous, fire and brimstone quoting, proselytizing, church bigot. It is difficult enough to observe and participate in the horrors of war.

Combat has done a lot of things to a lot of men and women. Some will return home from battle and live a normal life. Some will return broken and heavily medicated. And some will never come home at all because bombs sometimes completely vaporize human flesh. During wartime the only escape from the guilt is to try to cultivate an inner peace, because combat is dirty and the brutality of man is in high-definition and uncensored. This cultivation often comes at the end of a sermon given by a Chaplin. It is a comfort to those who need it. If Jeremy didn’t need religious peace he should respected those who did. Me personally, I never attended Sunday service during Desert Shield/Storm. However I did find, “Foxhole Religion.” I never forget that smoke-filled night. We were dug-in and under fire by the Republican Guard (yes the Republican Guard did fight.)I remember praying as AK-47 rounds and scud missiles flew willy-nilly around the battle field, “Please Jesus, just let me kill every mother fucker that is wearing the wrong uniform…Amen.” My squad leader who was crouched down beside me whispered, “That goes for me too Lord.” I respect Jeremy’s right for religious freedom. But I think he is irresponsible for his actions.

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Anonymous said...

let jeremy do what he wants i think he is strong for fighting

let him believe what he wants he should stand out not blend in smh