Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Five Reasons McCain Cannot Win

A political strategist I am not. Politics to me is one of the most necessary evils on the face of the planet and I prefer not to be a part of evil. However the climate for necessary political change is in the air. Because with political change comes civil and military change. And change is so desperately what America needs right now. If you are not agreeing with me at this very moment, the rest of this blog entry is not for you. We complain incessantly about the price of energy, which has garnered more media frontage than the war in Iraq by the way, we complain about the price of food, and we complain about our ability to remain healthy but we have not made any strides to change any of the aforementioned. This is where politics come in. That manipulative art form that lulls voters into a false sense of reality and then BANG hits them with the truth but sadly McCain just won’t belly up to the truth.

5. 100 years in Iraq. When the U.S Army is enlisting soldiers so old that they should be at home playing with their grandkids something is amiss. There are already soldiers doing their 5th tours in-country as we speak. This Iraq war has become a virtual stalemate and the Senator needs to realize that. In order to keep fighting the bad fight, America would need more boots on the ground. And after exhausting our military supply of fresh young bodies, who do you send to fight next, third graders? The only plausible answer is the draft. And the word draft would send young rich kids scrambling across the border to Canada.

4. It’s about the economy. That all powerful money-driven beast that keeps our country afloat and McCain said he knew less about the economy than he did about the military. All this and we are in a RECESSION! Effective leadership has to be a jack of all trades, but has to have to common sense to hire the masters.

3. The need for a strong, friendly, foreign policy. Well, well, you can’t fight everyone who is in opposition of your opinion. We cannot attack Canada because they are first in North America, nor can we attack Australia because Great White Sharks live there. Think diplomacy first, warfare last.

2. Generation Gap. We are a YouTube generation, wireless, broadband, laptop generation. The President should understand popular culture because millions of his voters arise from this pool. I understand that LBJ was a good President so was JFK, but can you believe most voters could not tell you what those previous acronyms are about or what each of those men actually stood for.

1. Gas Prices. At this time of this blog posting it is 135.00 per barrel. That translates to, F*%KING HIGH at the pumps and the reason why there is corn planted all through the Deep South. If there is not a credible solution to our gas crisis besides drilling in the Alaskan wilderness then there is no reason to run for office. We are a country that lives on our gas tanks. Any assault on our fuel price should be considered a terrorist threat. Thus I approve of attacking the OPEC cartel.


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