Thursday, January 31, 2008

Temple of Humankind

The Temple of Humankind, in my humbled opinion, has to be listed at the 8th wonder of the world. The Temple of Humankind consists of: The Halls of Water, Earth, Spheres, Mirrors, Metals, the Blue Temple, and the Labyrinth. The name alone implies the singular when in actuality it is a collection of temples in honor of the earth different beliefs. How great is that. Imagine if you will a place of worship that honors your beliefs. I don’t mean an innocuous non-denominational chapel. I mean a place where the builders honor your beliefs. If you don’t believe me look for yourself. The Temple of Humankind was build by a society called, The Federation of Damanhur. Now, it has been my belief to pin the term, “Cult” on any collection of people brought together under one belief system. However I haven’t found anything online that suggest otherwise. So I can gawk at the beauty of the Federations work and not feel silly because they have a completely crazy (there’s that word again) doctrine of goat chasing or dressing like a tree.


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