Monday, August 27, 2007

Attorney General's Resignation

The Empire that invaded Iraq, suffered our men and women of the armed forces to roadside bombs, tour extensions and terrible V.A care is disintegrating before our very eyes. With the recent resignations of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Karl Rove and Tony Snow, it is apparent that high level staff members are distancing themselves from the lame duck president before they get bird flu. The primary thought on everyone’s mind is the mess that we, yes we, have gotten ourselves into in Iraq. And it is this mess, in my opinion, that has led to resignations and plenty of everyday conservatives scraping the pretentious black and white “Dubya” off of their gas guzzling vehicles. One should not be so shallow as to think that the Dems had anything to do with his voluntary resignation. The Attorney General’s resignation probably came on the heels of actionable intelligence that the sky was falling and it was time to move out the way.