Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bribing My Muse

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Once you develop your writer’s voice you will always have it, at least that is what I believe. But having a writer’s voice is not enough to make it in the industry you’ll need a profound and an almost perverse sense of creativity to be distinguished from the literary status quo. Just imagine if Spider Man was just another person bitten by a spider. No sticky finger pads, spider sense, or a cool blue and red uniform, nothing, nada, zilch, just a regular ole guy with a spider bite. Add a muse to the aforementioned spider bite, she in turn adds a dose of freaky radiation and a weak protagonist, and ba-da-bing a million, no, billion dollar idea. However, my muse, Calliope absolutely refuses to work unless I pay the Community Coffee and Splenda God or spend an hour on the elliptical at level 15. This Diva, wonderful woman of epic poetry, needs an attitude check.


I bribe her anyway.

As my pants get larger and it is hard to see small type because my eyes are vibrating from the caffeine overdose.

I bribe her

Because I feel there is a movie deal, a yacht and a couple of near misses with insane paparazzi at the end of edit number 7.

I bribe her

But I do it begrudgingly because I would like to do my take on the author’s pose of sitting on a park bench, legs crosses, staring reflectively across rolling hills and wondrous vistas.

Damn it.

Watch this space.



Anonymous said...

Your mine is so sharp, and clear. You have a quick wit about your and always have had that ability. You will sit and watch the rolling over a crystal blue lake as you sip green tea and sweet biscuits.

Now, get to moving.


Walt Trachim said...

I know - I do the same thing. But she's not my muse..... So I keep plugging away.

Not that I'm working on a manuscript or anything..... :-)

So - when you get to that point - will you need someone to proof your stuff? At least for the forseeable future I have time on my hands.