Saturday, October 27, 2007

Global Warming II

I am no climatologist, I have not studied the effects of the loss of one Elm tree on the earths overall climate, but I do listen to those who do. And what unnerves me is that if the leading global scientists are screaming that the planet is getting hotter yearly and this heat is melting the polar caps why aren’t we all walking? I mean, seriously. Everyday there is a conference, a journalistic paper, a study, that rings a serious alarm and it seems to fall on deaf ears. The alarm that Britney Spears had lost her kids made front page, the alarm that OJ carried out an armed robbery to retrieve football memorabilia made front page for a week, but the alarm that the earths entire species, including humans, may be heading towards a 6th mass global extinction, it occupies the same page as those Ponzi schemes in the local supermarket tabloid. Remember, the Kryptonians ignored the warnings on Superman’s home world of Krypton and we all know what happened there.
What I understand about our society is that if there isn’t an immediate visible impact, the problem doesn’t exist. Just because the Statue of Liberty's torch isn’t only thing visible above water, no one is concerned. Yeah,there is the green movement and the carbon footprint movement, but really where is the hardcore decision making to outlaw H1’s H2’s and H3’s. Where is the hardcore decision making to change the way our country uses fossil fuel and fossil fuel by-products. I guess those decisions wont come until the island of Florida and the underwater City of New Orleans asks for Federal assistance. I guess when there is no water for Atlanta and that city becomes a festering nightmare of thirsty and musty people will anything be done.


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