Thursday, August 31, 2006

Death of the Boogey Man

This man is not my enemy. I do not know him. I have never met him. But I can relate to him deep, deep within the very essence my parental existence. His name is Jonathon Edington aged 29. He is the father of a 2 year old. You see. This man is a murderer by definition. He became one by slipping quietly through his sleeping neighbor’s window. In his hand was a sharp knife. In his heart was anger. Like a Ninja he crept slowly and methodically until he stood over his quarry. And with a flick of his wrist, he stabbed. He stabbed. He stabbed. And his neighbor was no more. This quiet previously law abiding lawyer delivered a blow for his daughter no court system could ever deliver. Then climbed out of the window and went home.

The real question is what would you the reader do? Would you let the law handle it? Or would you confront the person who did it? Or would you the reader have the testicular fortitude to do what Jonathon did? The thought of something happening like that to my children makes me shudder. I know there would be a cell waiting on me at Kilby Correctional or Atmore. And honestly I don’t care. Because a message needs to be sent loud and clear that when you molest people’s children you suffer a fate reserved solely for rabid dogs. Thus saving the tax payer a lot of money and lowering pedophilia crimes by the straight fear of being Jonathonized.

When I saw the news on CNN I stood up and cheered. Because too often the guiltiest of offenders hire the best attorneys, and then manipulate the legal system until they are either freed or their sentences are reduced. Jonathon Edington skirted this issue. There will be no appeals. No DNA evidence. No child psychiatrist probing a 2 year olds mind. There’ll be no “Breaking News” alerts on the Edington trial. The only thing that will happen is that the knife he will use will be collected into evidence. There will be articles written extensively on why Jonathon did what he did. But the truth of the matter is…the boogey man is dead and will never awake. That is what daddies do. Kill the boogey man. And Jonathon did it like a pro.



Sheila said...

I missed this story somehow. There is that part of me that longs to deliver justice to those who are unjust and mean and hurtful. I still believe in the rule of law though. I might react differently if someone I loved was hurt.

Anonymous said...

Um, just a thought, what if the guy didn't do it? Should everyone who's accused (not even by an actual court, but just by an individual) be killed? What if someone said you molested their kid? You know you didn't do it. Do you now have to worry that someone's going to come and stab you? Reading your missive, apparently so. Nice.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I understand you feelings as a parent but I have to agree with the anonymous poster on September 1st. Supposed someone accused you of molestation? Are you fair game are would you want an opportunity to defend yourself?

Don't you find it odd that the wife did not formally report the alledged abuse until about two days after the murder? Also, from the latest news reports Mr. James's behaviour was not as anti-social as first reported.

How about this incident in which a mob of family and friends of a victim killed a person they mistakenly thought had something to do ith his dissappearence:

It didn't involve a missing child but if this get people in a murderous mood what do you think a missing child would had done?

I can understand the rage of a parent, but that rage can easily be misused.

In addition to a possible prison sentence Edington must face, If Mr. James was innocent of the abuse claim, Mr. Edington will very likely face a civil suit to send him into the poor house.

Kurt Potter said...

This story illustrates a great point that I think is missing in our society today. There is a pervasive attitude that it is the governments job to protect the citizens of the country. That is the falicy behind the Department of Homeland Security. The government can only provide for the common defense of the nation. More government bureaucracy can't possibly keep you personally safe. Neither can your local police department. They can only clean up the mess and try to bring the perpetrator to justice. That doesn't always work either. This is where the crux of the arguement lies. Personal safety and security is a responsibility that everyone must carry for themselves and thier own families. It is incumbent on us as individuals in our society to protect ourselves and to look after each other. That is what I believe that Mr. Edington has done. After failing to fulfill his duty to keep his daughter safe, he at least upheld his duty to his family and society by bringing an end to the thing that harmed his daughter. I too believe in the rule of law. My rights end where yours begin..... Meaning that I can't cause you or your property physical harm through the exercise of my rights. However, we live in a flawed world where justice is becoming more and more scarce. Criminals are recieving more rights and better treatment than the victims. Criminals aren't afraid of their chances of getting caught or the consequences of such actions. I think that its high time that people take responsibility for the things that go on around them and increase those consequences. Kudos to Mr. Edington.

Anonymous said...

"That is what I believe that Mr. Edington has done. After failing to fulfill his duty to keep his daughter safe, he at least upheld his duty to his family and society by bringing an end to the thing that harmed his daughter. I too believe in the rule of law."

What are you smoking? Edington is guilty of murder and should be taken out and shot.

Where's the evidence? Was James' fingerprints found in the 2 year old child’s bedroom? Why didn't the Edington's dog bark when James broke into their home? How did he get to this baby without anyone knowing?

But, no, James deserves to die on ramblings of a 2 year old.

Edington is a crazed killer who lacked reasonable judgement. He man whose family went from possible victims to now defendants.