Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bush Who?

Eight years of Republican leadership has driven the good ole US of A into the poor house. And now the Republicans, led by Rush Limbaugh, think by sitting on their hands and wishing gloom and doom to President Obama the economy will turn around, the real estate bubble will re-inflate and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups will return to their original size. The Republicans are wishing for more tax cuts for small businesses but if there is no bailout there will be no small business. What really is the Republican thought process?

I understand the term fiscal responsibility. But there is the question of an initial 350 billion dollars of taxpayer money that has bailed out struggling banks. Some of which are have thrown ten million dollar Super Bowl parties and were trying to purchase forty-five million dollar jets. What gives? Who was watching the helm with the TARP loan was thought of…oh wait, it was REPUBLICANS. Yep, point proven. But alas, they know best. But because of a numerical advantage the Republicans are powerless to stop the Democratic steamroller. As they should be until our country can be straightened out, people put back to work, families allowed to remain in their homes and a solution is found to reduce global warming.



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